Creative ways to heal the mind, body and spirit


Happy new year and welcome to the 245th edition of the Carnival of Healing! The Carnival of Healing is a monthly roundup of helpful blog articles  focused on the various ways we can bring about healing in all aspects of our life.


Healing One’s Self, Helping One’s Self

We start off  this month’s carnival with several  self- help articles:

At  Personal Hack,  Mike Smith Jrpresents Productivity and Success – Why You Can’t Have One Without the Other.   Mike says that “Productivity is a requirement for success and success is a requirement for productivity.  It might be obvious why you need to be productive to be successful.”

Leah Carey talks about Knowing we are worthy to show up  at The Miracle Journal.   Leah recounts an experience when she was reminded of this: “Speaking to a group of middle school girls about being a journalist reminded me that we all need to know that we are worthy of showing up and being who we are.”

Over at  Your Joyous Life,  Cari Campbell talks about Four Awesome Ways to Stop Caring About What People Think!  Cari’s blog  is “a humorous take on how to stop judging and how to stop caring about being judged.”

The healing power of remembering and honoring our inner child is explained by Jean Chee in If it seems a childish thing to do, do it in remembrance that you are a child, posted at The Phoenixplains.

You’ll find helpful ways to plan the new year if you read Charles Chua C K’s  7 Effective Ways to Review 2011 and Plan Productively for 2012 at All About Living with Life

“With January being Self-Love Month, here are 10 reasons to love yourself and pledge to do something kind for you for the next 31 days,” says Daylle Deanna Schwartz presents in  10 Reasons to Love Yourself – Lessons from a Recovering Doormat at Beliefnet.

This new year, you may want to redefine your concept of success. Tom Hass offers some pointers in  Secrets of SuccessDon Ramson’s  From Lame To Fame – 5 Steps  discusses the issue of success further.  And in case you’re sick of trying to be successful, Randy Mason says Forget Success – Try to Fail Instead.


The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to all aspects of our being.  Here are some blog posts that may help you reap more benefits from this ancient practice:

You can read about Rory Sullivan’s discourse that says Truth is the offspring of silence and unbroken meditation at  A Carpenter from Nazareth.

Jean Gray discusses meditation at length and tells us how you can  Meditate Your Way to Success.

Children can be very good teachers and Laura Grace Weldon says that you should   Let The Youngest Teach You Mindfulness  in her blogsite at  Laura Grace Weldon, where she reminds us that we can “Learn to live in the present moment, letting the very youngest be your guide.”

Does Meditation Help With Stress?  Jon Rhodes provides the answers to this question at  Meditation Den.  Rhodes says that  “This article shows you how meditation can not only help you deal with present stress, but also deal with future stressful situations.”


Help for the Mind and Body

There are many things we can do to heal our mind and body.  Here are a few suggestions:

“When it starts getting cold outside and dark earlier, many of us feel like snuggling up in a blanket and just going to sleep as soon as we get home from work. But for as many as 14 million Americans, winter can bring on a period of major depression.” If you relate to this, then read Tracy Miller’s discussion focusing on the 9 Myths About Seasonal Affective Disorder at Insurance Quotes Blog.

Jane Jasko says she uses every strategy to cope with any stressor – from psychology to nutrition.  Women in particular will learn much from her blog post about 6 Important Things to Know About Basal Body Temperature   featured at  Ovualtion Symptoms.

Did you know that our sense of smell affects our health?  Learn  How Scents Can Affect Your Health posted att Natural Health Ezine.

We’ve all heard about acupuncture, but have you heard about Changa?  Greg Laden says it’s an African healing modality and in  Greg Laden’s Blog, he tackles the question,  Which works better, Acupuncture or Changa?

Melissa Rothstein writes about cancer and says, “Killing an average of more than 1,500 people a day, cancer has been the bane of epidemiology for more than a century. Radiation and chemotherapy, while well received, have been effective in stopping the spread of early-to-mid stage cancer but can be lethal themselves. On the other hand, alternative treatments and therapy have not yet produced the results necessary to gain any major recognition, although cancer immunotherapy is quickly gaining ground. So what is this new vein of treatment, how does it differ from past failures, and is it worthy of contending with today’s go-to cancer treatments?”  What is Cancer Immunotherapy?  posted at Best Online explains this novel approach of healing cancer.

When we understand how our brain works, we can better deal with situations because we’ll know how to use our brains.  You’ll learn how sound frequency can help in personal development if you head on over to Annaly Curzon’s  Brainwave Entrainment | Self Development featured in her blog  Working On Me.

Smokers who want to quit will find lots of useful information in the blog  Do Lungs Heal after Quitting Smoking?  posted at

If you are feeling sluggish, you may want to read  5 Instant Energy Tips by Joe Robinson at Personal Hack.

And for those suffering from the symptoms of menopause, Nesher’s  16 Ways to Beat Insomnia during Menopause posted at  All about Menopause: Well-being and Symptoms Relief offers suggestions and helpful tips to combat insomnia due to menopause.


Weight Loss Tips and suggestions

Thank goodness we never run out of suggestions for losing weight.  After the Christmas holidays, we certainly need these little bits of information and advice on how to lose weight:

If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to lose weight, Tom Has says you are probably focusing on the wrong thing:  “Almost everyone focuses on the ‘outer game’ of weight loss: dieting, eating right, exercising and so on.  This is why they never lose weight or if they do, they always gain the weight right back.  Many people have never even heard of the ‘inner game’ of weight loss.” Lose those unwanted weight!  Read Why You?ll NEVER Lose Weight  at  Personal Hack.

If you want to lose weight while eating healthy and delicious food, let Michael Donelly show you how in  Lose weight with a delicious anti-junk food menu in anotherway.

Jen Samson’s  Popular Diets for healthy living discusses the different popular diets like the Atkins and Southbeach diets.

More weight loss tips can be found at  Quick Weight Loss Tips  and  Mark Samson gives more Natural Weight Loss Tips at Personal Hack.

Finally, for those who want to go vegan, Yosef says, “Following Thanksgiving, we decided to to become vegan for a week, allow our bodies to detox and to get to a healthier state.  It was not a difficult challenge at all, and these burgers were the highlight of the week.” Grab this yummy recipe at  Smokey Chipotle 15 Bean Veggie Burgers  posted at This American Bite.


Food for the Soul

For some soul food, you may want to read  True Stillwater’s  How to Want What You Have By Doing Happy!  featured at  Letters, Messages, and Prayers, and Ashley Reid’s  Don’t Underestimate the Limits of God’s Ability posted at  The Real.

Whew! That certainly was a hefty serving of food for the mind, body and soul.  I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t miss next month’s edition of the Carnival of Healing which will be hosted by Clara Myers of Mind Mart.  If you want to browse through last month’s edition, you’ll find it at  Cari Cambell’s Your Joyous Life.

Have fun everyone!


Mini Online Course:

1. Spend a few minutes reading through the carnival page.

2. Take note of the articles that strike a chord in your heart.

3. Read those articles.  Take notes, follow suggestions – see where this will lead you.

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