Repressed Emotions and Illness

When I arrived,  her daughter and caregiver promptly left the room.  She told me that she had asked them to leave as soon as I arrived.  This lady had had several sessions with me in the past and we had worked on her long-buried issues, brought about by a very tumultuous childhood.

She said that a month prior, she had received some not-so-good news from a relative, which triggered a release of more repressed memories.  She noted that from that time on, she felt heavy,  and was quite certain that her illness was due to this sudden resurfacing of painful memories.

I held her hand as she recounted the memories that resurfaced.  Holding her hand was my way of giving her Reiki, because in a hospital setting, it’s very difficult to hold the client’s head, which I normally do when I assist in the resolution of traumatic memories.  The Reiki helped move her energies so that the heaviness left her soon thereafter – her face looked more relaxed and she began to smile.  She was being healed on an energy level.

We then talked about how she could view the memories from a spiritual level – how she can begin the process of forgiving.  We began to reframe each painful situation, trying to see the silver lining amidst the dark clouds, searching for the good things that came out of those traumatic events.  She contributed some insights, and I contributed a few.  Healing on the spiritual and conscious levels began to occur and the whole room took on a different light as she started to count her blessings despite all the pain she endured as a child.  She knew, and I knew too that physical healing would soon kick in.

I could only stay for a while but she was a happy person when I left.  I was happy too – glad to have been of help, and so grateful that she had learned to identify the roots of her illness.


Mini Online Course:

1. Spend some quiet time with yourself and review the recent events in your life which have caused your worries or anxieties.

2. Think of someone you can talk to who may be able to help your sort out your feelings.

3. Reach out, or make an appointment with that person.

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