Create Nature Altars as a Form of Meditation



Nature altars are like mandalas that we create in the outdoors. Creating nature altars is a spontaneous activity that does not require planning. All that you have to do to create a nature altar is go to a place of nature (or your backyard), look around and gather materials that you can use to create your nature altar.

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Articles About Reiki

Clinical Trials Show Efficacy of Reiki                                                                   

Reiki as Complimentary and Alternative Medicine                                              

Medical Community Embraces Reiki                                                                   

Reiki and Cancer                                                                                                   

Reiki Treatment in Drug and Rehabilitation Program     

Simply Reiki



On Journaling


“The decision to write a journal has been the most important decision I have ever made because it has led to every other important decision I’ve ever made,” writes Christina Baldwin in her book, Life’s Companion, Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest.

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Who Gets Well, Who Doesn’t


Perhaps you know someone who can’t seem to get out of the rut and is oftentimes sick. There are people who swear to high heavens that they want to get well more than anything else even as they continue to indulge in harmful habits. Some people are forever worrying and anxious and thus make themselves physically ill.

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